Members'  Testimonials

The AMC celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2018, the inaugural meeting having been held on 20th May 1978. 

One of our past presidents and cellist James McMenemey writes:

It is my great pleasure to have been a President of the AMC. We encourage music making in general, and in particular the performance of instrumental and vocal music in small groups.
At our monthly meetings, we take turns to present the best of our individual achievements, however modest, in front of other members. Some are music teachers or professionals, but most are amateurs like myself; what we all share is the fun and joy of making music together.
The Saturday evening meetings are just the tip of an iceberg, and an opportunity to arrange future engagements. Most of us meet together several times a month to make music in each other's houses.
I first moved to Huddersfield just 10 years ago, and the warmth of my welcome by members of the AMC enabled me to bond rapidly with the local musical community.



One of our retired members and a past president Margaret Edwards writes:

The inaugural meeting of the ALL MUSIC CONSORT took place in May 1978, when a small group of friends put into action their idea for enabling music making particularly among those people not necessarily involved in one of the large long standing orchestras and choirs in the town.
From this small beginning the AMC has thrived for over 40 years.
The name ALL MUSIC CONSORT has been very apt, with members playing all kinds of instruments, and at varying levels of attainment. We have had music teachers playing string quartets, housewives picking up e.g. their flute after a long gap and finding with delight that other musicians are equally keen to meet up and make music.
We really have had every kind of instrument from accordion through brass, strings and woodwind to the zither! There have always been a number of pianists happy to accompany solo items, and solo and ensemble singing are also part of some programmes.
Of course the “Performance Meetings” are the core of the Consort, for this is where arrangements can be made to practice together. However we must also stress the social aspect. Friends are made and encouragement to try something new is a bonus.
Frequently in the Summer we have had “Special Evenings”, when more or less anything goes, to suit a Victorian, or Elizabethan or even a Pastoral theme. The possibilities are endless.


Flautist Sonya Shotter writes:

I joined the AMC after meeting one of its members at a music teachers' training day in Manchester. I had been on the look out for a way of getting back into music-making since my 4 children were now growing up, but knew I couldn’t commit to an orchestra with weekly rehearsals. I discovered that the monthly meetings (concerts) were held 2 minutes drive from my house!
I have found the AMC to be a friendly and inclusive group and I love the fact that there is such a variety of music and instruments performing at each meeting. At the end of a meeting it’s as if we have all enjoyed the many components of a good meal! The audience is always supportive and encouraging to the performers and it’s a bit like performing in someone’s front room. It really is up to you how involved you want to be although we like it if you can perform at least once in a season whatever you have been getting together to rehearse in your own time. Do come along and find out if it’s for you!

Irene and Paul Fowler joined the AMC after moving into the area. They have recently retired from the group since moving away. They write:

Coming new into the area, and being keen amateur music makers, we found the AMC a lifeline, and a great opportunity to enjoy playing and singing in small groups with musicians of a similar standard. AMC must be unique - we have not found anything like it since moving away.