Playing Opportunities

Performance meetings are held monthly between September and May and each of our meetings is organised by a different committee member. These are not public concerts but members are welcome to bring guests who help to form an audience for members to play to.

On joining the All Music Consort members are supplied with a list of the contact details of other members, which they can then use to find players if they wish to to perform a particular work. Soloists are also welcome and if piano accompaniment is required we have several pianists amongst our members so an accompanist can usually be found.

Rehearsals usually take place at members' homes and when an item is ready to be performed at a meeting this is done by contacting the organiser of the meeting of your choice to reserve a place in the programme so there is plenty of scope for members to join together to play or sing music of their own choice. Often string, wind and brass players and vocal groups will join together to form larger chamber groups and enjoy performing works which are otherwise rarely performed.


In 2007 the AMC purchased a new piano which is kept at Armitage Bridge Church for use by members at our meetings. We are also welcome to use the church organ.

Organist and pianist Jeremy Plummer writes:

St Paul's Church, Armitage Bridge is equipped with a modern Schimmel upright piano and a splendid Chamber Organ from Woods of Huddersfield. The piano is near the front of the church, and the organ is in a small gallery at the back of the church. The piano has plenty of wheels, so it is easy moved about. It is tuned and maintained regularly, and is a pleasure to play, with light action, and the clarity of tone that is a feature of well set-up Schimmels.

The organ is about 20 years old, and a beautifully-voiced neo-Baroque instrument. It has 8 stops. The Lower keyboard has a full Diapason Chorus (8', 4', 2', & mixture), trumpet, and 8' flute. All the stops apart from the Open Diapason are enclosed. The Upper keyboard has one stop, another 8' flute, and the pedal organ has a 16' bourdon, with couplers to the two keyboards.
The organ is in a small gallery, big enough for 2 or 3 instrumentalists or singers.

The building is a delight to perform in: well worth a visit!