Saturday 14th March 2020

We had a good attendance at our March meeting despite some clashes with other concerts in the area.

Music performed included:

Variations on 'Ich Denke Dein' by Beethoven and Berceuse from Dolly Suite by Faure (piano duets)
Selections from Songs of Travel by Vaughan-Williams and Ich Trage Meine Minne by Strauss (voice and piano)
Three movements from Sonata in F minor by Brahms (clarinet and piano)

Tango by Albeniz and Elfentanz by Jenkinson (violin and piano)

Selection of British Folk Songs by Benjamin Britten (voice and piano)

Pilgrim's Chorus from Tannhauser by Wagner (massed chorus)


Saturday 15th February 2020

Despite bad weather warnings abourt Storm Dennis and wind and rain, we still had a good attendance at our February meeting and all performers were able to get there. There was an excellent and varied selection of music performed.

Performances included:

Pieces for Musical Clock by J F Handel (organ)
Trumpet Voluntary by John Stanley (trumpet and organ)

Danse de la Chevre by Honnegar and Landscape with Birds by Vasks (flute solo)

The Holy City by Weatherley (voice and piano)

Serenade in Eb Major by Mozart (wind quintet)

Serenade by Schubert, Serenade from Don Giovanni by Mozart and Lullaby by Cyril Scott al arranged by Robert Fowler for voice, mandolin, and guitars

Liebesleid  by Kreisler and Schon Rosmarin by Kreisler (violin and piano)

Can you Hear Me by Bob Chilcott and Love Walked In by Gershwin (voice and piano)

Rosemary by Frank Bridge (piano solo)

Communal singing item

Saturday 16th November 2019

We had an excellent November meeting with the largest audience for a very long time and many performers providing an eclectic mix of musical items.

Music peformed included:

Blue Twilight by Harold Winters and Selections from Les Miserables (Clarinet choir)

Prelude in E major by J.S. Bach (organ solo)

Concertino for Trumpet by Handel , 1st movement (trumpet and piano)

Trumpet quartet by Alexander Chererpin 

Concerto for 3 oboes and 2 bassoons by Pierre Prowo

Tea Dance by Mark Goddard (3 oboes and 2 bassoons)

Impromptu Op 142, Theme and Variations I, II and V by Schubert (piano solo)

Great Movie Marches arr, John Moss (woodwind and brass ensemble)

We Wish you a Merry Christmas arranged for singing group by Mark Ellis

Saturday 19th October 2019

Our October meeting was well attended with a good mixture of new and more established members present. We had a very enjoyable evening with a good selection of music.

The programme included:

Sweeter than Roses by Henry Purcell, Silent Noon by Ralph Vaughan Williams, The Singer by Michael Head (voice and piano)

Four Preludes by Johann Rinck (organ solo)

Petite Suite for Piano Duet by Debussy

Adagio Cantabile from Piano Sonata in C min Op. 13 (Pathétique) by Beethoven

Selections from Aladdin arranged by J Vinson (wind ensemble)

Four Characteristic Pieces William  Hurlstone (clarinet and piano)

Locus Iste  - motet by  Anton Bruckner, Ave Maria - song by Schubert


Saturday 21st September 2019 Annual General Meeting

Our season got off to an excellent start with our Annual General Meeting. There was a good attendance at this meeting which was encouraging as often it has been poor.Tea/coffee and cakes were served during the interval which were much appreciated.After the interval there was an interesting and varied musical programme.

Music played included:
Croon Song and Scherzo from 4 characteristic pieces by Hurlstone (clarinet and piano)
Nicht Schnell from Marcgenbilder op113 by Schumann (viola and piano)
La Calinda by Delius and Entracte from Rosamunde by Schubert (woodwind quintet)
Romance in F by Beethoven (violin and piano)
Concerto for violin and oboe 2nd Movement (adagio) BWV1060 by Bach

Communal singing item for all to join in.

Saturday 11th May 2019

This was the last meeting of this season and had a good mixture of woodwind, strings and voice. For the final item music was given out to all attending who then joined in with a rousing chorus of 'Now s the Month of Maying'.

Other music performed included:

Come Raggio Sol by Caldara, As Long as I Have Music by Besig and A Claire Benediction by Rutter (voice and piano)
Time Pieces for Viola and Piano
2 movements Sonata for Clarinet and Piano by Horovitz  (clarinet and piano)
Arias from the Savoy Operas by Gilbert and Sullivan (baritone and guitar)
2 movements from String Quartet Op 54 No 2 by Haydn
Nocturne Op 19 in E minor by Chopin and Rustle of Spring by Sinding (piano solos)


Saturday 13th April 2019

A highlight of this meeting was a performance of Gounod's Petite Symphonie for 9 wind instruments played after only 2 rehearsals. Other items included:

Organ solos by Buxehude
Allegro from Sonata in G minor by Mozart (violin and piano)
Solace by Scott Joplin and Gipsy Rondo by Haydn (piano solos)
Gavota Choro by Villa-Lobos, Aragon by Albeniz and The Easy Winners by Scott Joplin (guitar trios)
Trio Sonata in G major by Teleman (Violin, Viola and piano)
Chanson de Matin and Salut d'Amour by Elgar (violin and piano)


Saturday 16th March 2019

Our March meeting sadly clashed with one of the local orchestra concerts which meant that most of our string players were absent. However we still had an enjoyable evening with a varied programme. Our programme included:
Overture des Noces de Figaro by Mozart (clarinet choir)
Bella Siccome un Angelo from Don Pasquale by Donazetti
Ah per Sempre io Perdi I Puritani by Bellini (voice and piano)
Sicilienne by Ned Rorem (2 pianos)
Fantasia on Greensleeves (2 pianos)
Popular Song from Facade by William Walton (2 pianos and voice)
Divertimento II by Mozart (2 clarinets and bassoon)
Fantasiestucke Op 73 by Robert Schumann (clarinet and piano)

An den Tod by Schubert (voice and piano)
Das Fischermadchen by Schubert (voice and piano)

Alexandra Calypso by Don Rendell (clarinet choir)
A Smooth One by Benny Goodman (clarinet choir)
Hot Cradle Rock by J Fairhead (clarinet choir)